Americans Guess Who Will Replace Mitch McConnell

Now in his seventh term in the U.S. Senate, Mitch McConnell (R-KY) announced that he would step back from his position as minority leader later this year. Here, Americans give their best guess for who will replace the long-serving conservative lawmaker. Read more…

Biden, Trump Make Separate Border Visits

Joe Biden and Donald Trump took competing visits to the U.S.-Mexico border yesterday, both in an effort to show voters that their stance on immigration is the better one, as the increase in immigration during the last four years has become a primary concern in the 2024 election. What do you think? Read more…

BREAKING: Donald Trump says he will leave the country if Donald Trump is elected president

MAR-A-LAGO, FL—In a surprising turn of events that has left pundits scratching their heads and citizens divided, former President Donald Trump has made a shocking promise: if he wins the presidency again, he will promptly leave the country. The announcement, made during a rambling speech at a local golf club, caught many by surprise, with … Read more

Amid falling poll numbers, Biden tries a new political strategy

WASHINGTON, DC—In a bid to reverse his declining approval ratings and recapture the elusive magic of his predecessor, President Joe Biden has embarked on a bold new political strategy: a spray tan. The move comes amid growing concerns within the Democratic Party about Biden’s flagging popularity and the looming specter of midterm elections. Hoping to … Read more

BREAD&CIRCUSES: Great Reset Humor Roundup (March 3, 2024)

For this week’s Bread & Circuses roundup, a comedy club cancels comedians Dave Smith, Luis J. Gomez, Jim Florentine, and Kurt Metzger – you decide if they are funny… OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: 🔥 George Galloway master class for how to deal with state-sponsored corporate media… 🔥 Mike Benz: Russiagate 3.0 will burn down the entire GOP … Read more