British Humour

Are there any good British humour sites or social media accounts (left ⬅️, right ➡️, centre/both/a-political ↔️ – subject to interpretation 😀) that are missing? Please tell us

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British Satire Site Feeds

⬅️ NewsThump

↔️ The Daily Mash

➡️ The Daily Squib

⬅️ The Poke

British Satirical News Sites
(Some have RSS feeds that won’t work on here…🤔)
↔️ NewsBiscuit
⬅️ NewsThump
↔️ Suffolk Gazette
↔️ The Daily Mash
➡️ The Daily Squib
↔️ TheØxymorøn (Oxford University)
↔️ The Poke
↔️ Waterford Whispers News (Ireland Which is Close Enough 🤣)

British Cartoons or Memes
➡️ Bob Moran (UK Cartoons)
➡️ Off Guardian (Meme Search Results)

British Comedians
↔️ Andrew Lawrence 💻
↔️ Andrew Lawrence
➡️ Dominic Frisby’s Comedy News 💻
➡️ Dominic Frisby Comedy Videos
↔️ Nigel Ng aka Uncle Roger 💻
↔️ Nigel Ng aka Uncle Roger
↔️ John Cleese

British Comedy
↔️ BritBox
↔️ Comedy Central UK
➡️ Comedy Unleashed (UK)
➡️ Comedy Unleashed

Classic British Comedy Shows or Sitcoms
↔️ Are You Being Served (YouTube Search)
↔️ Father Ted (YouTube Playlist of Full Episodes)
↔️ Fawlty Towers (YouTube Search)
↔️ Fawlty’s Vault (Faulty Towers Tribute)
↔️ Keeping Up Appearances (Best Moments Playlist)
↔️ Keeping Up Appearances (YouTube Search)
↔️ To The Manor Born (YouTube Search)
↔️ Yes, Prime Minister (YouTube Search)

Classic British Humor
↔️ Monty Python (YouTube Channel)
↔️ Monty Python (YouTube Search)

British Personalities
➡️ June Slater (UK Commentator)
↔️ The Michael Palin Channel

British Media
↔️ Private Eye Magazine (Current Affairs + Humour)

British Tabloids
➡️ Daily Express
➡️ Daily Mail
⬅️ Daily Mirror
⬅️ Daily Star
⬅️ Morning Star
⬅️ Sunday People
➡️ The Mail on Sunday
➡️ The Sun