BREAD&CIRCUSES: Great Reset Humor Roundup (March 3, 2024)

For this week’s Bread & Circuses roundup, a comedy club cancels comedians Dave Smith, Luis J. Gomez, Jim Florentine, and Kurt Metzger – you decide if they are funny… OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: 🔥 George Galloway master class for how to deal with state-sponsored corporate media… 🔥 Mike Benz: Russiagate 3.0 will burn down the entire GOP if Ukraine aide is delayed + how music is used to manipulate… 🔥 James O’Keefe strikes again (the judge in one of the Trump cases…)…🙄 More Fani Willis and Nathan Wade texts leak… 🤬 Zelensky’s new campaign ad: “The World Is Yours…” (and what happens to his country if more Ukraine aide does not arrive…)… 🤣 Caption this Zelensky pic + pic of Bill eating an ice cream with Hillary… 🤔 What do you notice about this fashion show?… ✊🏿 Rev. Ray Cistman want you to stop comparing Black people to animals…! 🤦‍♂️ Joe Biden being confused compilation… 🤣 Even Bill Maher is making fun of Biden’s age…

And some final words summing up our Bread & Circuses world as the Great Reset continues!

Dave Smith, Luis J. Gomez, Jim Florentine, and Kurt Metzger got cancelled for not being woke enough for Seattle:

That can only mean one thing: They are actually FUNNY!

Something for you to decide and check out more for yourself…

Starting with a clip of Dave Smith…:




Luis J. Gomez:




Jim Florentine




Kurt Metzger:




🍞 Some Bread…

🔥 George Galloway just thumped both the Conservative and Labour parties to win a UK bi-election by a thumping majority. In this segment, he gives a master class for how to deal with state-sponsored corporate media:

🔥 Benz makes a good point in this short video:

🔥 The Houston-London oil and money interests who wants to control Eastern Ukraine where the natural resources are and where they have signed multi-billion dollar deals to exploit…:

Full interview:

🔥 Tucker Carlson’s Glenn Beck interview:

Tucker Carlson on the Lex Fridman Podcast #414 BUT Lex can be slightly insufferable and annoying – if you can bear that:

0:00 – Introduction 3:53 – Putin 20:07 – Navalny 41:20 – Moscow 1:00:48 – Freedom of speech 1:07:03 – Jon Stewart 1:19:48 – Ending the War in Ukraine 1:29:15 – Nazis 1:37:42 – Putin’s health 1:48:47 – Hitler 1:58:12 – Nuclear war 2:16:31 – Trump 2:33:27 – Israel-Palestine 2:39:37 – Xi Jinping 2:53:34 – Advice for young people 2:58:53 – Hope for the future TRANSCRIPT:

The Xi Van Fleet interview was good and so was the Brazil ones with Bolsonaro’s son and an exiled journalist:

🔥 Mike Willis of had interesting things to say about music frequencies and how they have been purposely changed from pleasant to unpleasant, etc.:

The whole segment:

And more about music manipulating the masses…:

🔥 James O’Keefe strikes again…:


🤷 Gosh, I don’t know…:


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🎪 Some Circuses…

(The Best of…)

🙄 More Fani Willis and Nathan Wade texts leak……:

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