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Satire Site Feeds

➡️ The Babylon Bee
Fake News You Can Trust
(But can’t embed their RSS feed😀)

➡️ COVIDsteria + Tales From the Great Reset

➡️ Genesius Times
The Most Reliable Source of Fake News on the Planet
(But no reliable RSS feed that can be embedded here…😀)

↔️ The Daily Mash (UK)

⬅️ The Onion
America’s Finest News Source(With a working RSS feed…)

Satirical News Sites
(Some may include real news or just humor… Attn. Webmasters: Why are so many of your RSS feeds not working on other sites?😀)
↔️ BBSpot (Tech Focused)
⬅️ Breaking Burgh (Western Pennsylvania)
↔️ ClickHole
➡️ Confederacy of Drones (Last Update 2020)
⬅️ Conservative Tears
↔️ Cracked
↔️ Daily News Reported
↔️ Daily Snark (Sports…)
↔️ Duffel Blog (Military)
⬅️ Dunning-Kruger-Times
↔️ Hard Drive (Gaming + Tech)
➡️ IMAO (In My Arrogant Opinion)
↔️ Internet Chronicle 
⬅️ Landover Baptist Church
↔️ Madhouse Magazine (Rock N Roll)
↔️ McSweeney’s Internet Tendency
⬅️ Moron Majority
⬅️ NewsMutiny
⬅️ Patriot Party Press
↔️ Pretty Cool Site (PCS)
↔️ Reductress (Women’s News)
⬅️ Robot Butt
⬅️ Satire V
➡️ Stilton’s Place
⬅️ The Borowitz Report (The New Yorker)
⬅️ The Boston Accent (New England Focused)
↔️ The Broadway Beat (Fake Broadway News)
⬅️ The Daily Nooze
⬅️ The Halfway Post
⬅️ The Hard Times (Music Focused)
⬅️ The Humor Times
↔️ The Needling (Seattle)
➡️ The People Cube
⬅️ The Political Garbage Chute
⬅️ The Spoof
⬅️ Weekly Humorist

↔️ Media Bias Fact Check – Satire (Includes Sites Not Recently Updated)

Real But Odd News
↔️ AP News (Oddities)
↔️ The Daily WTF (Tech Stuff)
↔️ UPI (Odd News Category)

Useful Tools

↔️ 9convert (Youtube Video Downloader)
↔️ 12ft Ladder (Bypass Any Paywall)
↔️ Archive Today (Webpage Capture + Cache Search)
↔️ Capitalize My Title (For Social Media Posts etc.)
↔️ dirpy (YouTube Video Download)
↔️ Emojipedia
↔️ Fluff Busting (FB) Purity (Browser Extension)
↔️ imgflip (Meme Templates)
↔️ SaveTweetVid (Twitter Video Download)
↔️ Twitter Video Downloader

➡️ COVIDsteria (Memes According to a Daily Theme)
➡️ COVIDsteria (Great Reset Meme Index)
➡️ Gab (Link to Their Largest Meme Group…)
➡️ Off Guardian (Meme Search Results)
➡️ (Daily Memes)
➡️ Politically Incorrect Humor (Daily Memes)
➡️ Politically Incorrect Humor (Political Meme Galleries)
⬅️ The Status Kuo (The Week in Tweets and Memes Search)
➡️ Who is Robert Malone (Friday Funnies Search)
➡️ Who is Robert Malone (Sunday Strip Search)

➡️ Ben Garrison
➡️ Bob Moran (UK Cartoons)
↔️ Cagle Cartoons (Political Cartoon Syndication)
➡️ Conservative Daily News (Editorial Cartoons)
➡️ Fox News (Political Cartoons of the Day)
➡️ Goodwyn Cartoons and Illustrations
↔️ GoComics (Political Cartoons)
⬅️ McClatchy Washington Bureau (Political & Editorial Cartoons)
⬅️ Mike Luckovich (Editorial Cartoons)
⬅️ New Yorker (Humor & Cartoons)
➡️ Pat Cross Cartoons
➡️ Patriot Post Cartoons
↔️ (Syndication Service)
⬅️ Politico (Cartoon Carousel)
↔️ RealClearPolitics (Cartoons of the Week)
⬅️ Sacramento Bee (Editorial Cartoons)
↔️ Studio Todd (Comics and Animation Studio)
⬅️ The Oregonian (Editorial Cartoons)
⬅️ The Washington Post (Editorial Cartoons)
➡️ The Washington Times (Political Cartoons)
⬅️ The Week (Cartoons)
⬅️ Toronto Star (Editorial Cartoons)
➡️ Townhall Cartoons
⬅️ US News (Political Cartoons)
➡️ Washington Examiner (Crossword Puzzle)

↔️ Dilbert (Was the website also canceled?🤔) 
↔️ GoComics (A-Z Comics by Title)

➡️ Alex Stein
➡️ AwakenWithJP
➡️ Bad Lip Reading
↔️ CollegeHumor
↔️ Funny or Die
↔️ Itsdanielmac (What Do You Do For A Living?)
↔️ Just For Laughs Gags
➡️ Mark Dice
➡️ Steve Inman (Website)
➡️ The Babylon Bee
➡️ The Comments Section with Brett Cooper
⬅️ The Onion

Comedians (Wikipedia Lists)
↔️ Lists of Comedians
↔️ List of Stand-up Comedians By Country
↔️ List of United States Stand-up Comedians
↔️ Stand-up Comedians by Nationality

↔️ Andrew Lawrence (Website)
↔️ Andrew Lawrence (YouTube)
➡️ Ben Stein (Website) 
⬅️ Bill Maher (Website)
↔️ Carrot Top (Website)
↔️ Comedy Central Stand-Up
↔️ Comedy Dynamics (Stand-up Comedy Production & Distribution)
➡️ Comedy Unleashed (UK)
➡️ Comedy Unleashed (YouTube)
↔️ Dave Chappelle (Rumble Search Results)
↔️ Jim Breuer’s Breuniverse
↔️ Just For Laughs (Comedy Festival)
↔️ LaughPlanet (Funny Standup Bits)
↔️ Netflix Is A Joke (Netflix Comedy Shows)
↔️ Nigel Ng aka Uncle Roger (Website)
↔️ Nigel Ng aka Uncle Roger (YouTube)
➡️ Roseanne Barr (Website)
↔️ “Weird Al” Yankovic (Website)

Late Night or TV Comedians etc.
(YouTube channels & playlists)
↔️ Comedy Central
↔️ Comedy Central Originals
➡️ Jesse Watters Primetime
⬅️ Jimmy Kimmel Live
⬅️ LastWeekTonight
⬅️ Late Night with Seth Meyers
⬅️ Real Time with Bill Maher
⬅️ Saturday Night Live
⬅️ The Daily Show
➡️ The Greg Gutfeld Show
⬅️ The Late Late Show with James Corden
⬅️ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
⬅️ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Non-USA Satirical News Sites
↔️ Der Postillon (Germany)
↔️ Le Gorafi (France)
↔️ NewsBiscuit (UK)
⬅️ NewsThump (UK)
↔️ Suffolk Gazette (UK)
↔️ The Adobo Chronicles (Philippines)
↔️ The Beaverton (Canada)
↔️ The Betoota Advocate (Australia)
⬅️ The Burrard Street Journal (Canada)
↔️ The Chaser (Australia)
↔️ The Daily Mash (UK)
➡️ The Daily Squib (UK)
↔️ The Mideast Beast (Israel)
↔️ TheØxymorøn (Oxford University)
⬅️ The Poke (UK)
↔️ The Shovel (Australia)
⬅️ The Spoof (UK Headlines)
↔️ The Unger Review (Canada + Mennonite Satire)
↔️ Waterford Whispers News (Ireland)

British Comedy & Humor
(YouTube, etc. – see our British Humour page for more links…)
➡️ Bob Moran (UK Cartoons)
↔️ BritBox
↔️ Comedy Central UK
➡️ Comedy Unleashed (UK)
➡️ Comedy Unleashed (YouTube)
↔️ Fawlty’s Vault (Faulty Towers Tribute)
↔️ John Cleese
➡️ June Slater (UK Commentator)
↔️ Keeping Up Appearances (Best Moments Playlist)
↔️ Monty Python (YouTube Channel)
➡️ Off Guardian (Meme Search Results)
↔️ Private Eye Magazine
↔️ The Michael Palin Channel

Classic Humor
↔️ Classic Loveline (With Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky)
⬅️ David Letterman
↔️ Internet Archive (Animation & Cartoons)
↔️ Johnny Carson (Website)
↔️ Johnny Carson (YouTube)
↔️ Old Time Radio (Old Radio Shows)
➡️ Rush Limbaugh (Parodies)
↔️ South Park (All Episodes)


➡️ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Press Release
➡️ Ann Lesby, PhD (she/her)
➡️ Doctor Dr McHonk-Honk
➡️ Dr. Anita B. Etin, PhD (Fat-Affirming Dietician)
➡️ Dr. Jebra Faushay
↔️ Elon Musk (Parody)
➡️ Estee Palti (Kamala Harris Impressions)
↔️ Inverse Cramer (Not Jim Cramer)
↔️ John W. Rich (Wealthy)
➡️ Justin Trudeau’s Ego
↔️ Kenny Lay (Parody)
↔️ King Charles III (Parody)
↔️ Not Jerome Powell
➡️ Rev. Ray Cistman
➡️ Titania McGrath (Radical Intersectionalist)
↔️ Volodymyr Zelenskyy (Parody)

Meme Makers
➡️ C3PMeme
➡️ Carpe Donktum
➡️ Catturd ™
➡️ Davar Echad
➡️ Declaration of Memes
➡️ Defiant L’s
➡️ drefanzor memes
➡️ el gato malo
➡️ il Donaldo Trumpo
➡️ I Meme Therefore I Am
➡️ Journalists Posting Their Ls
➡️ John Hackerla
➡️ Mostly Peaceful Memes
➡️ NautPoso
➡️ Silent Memejority
➡️ stevenvoiceover
➡️ The Left Can’t Meme
➡️ The Right To Bear Memes
↔️ Wall Street Memes
➡️ Woke Archive
➡️ Wokely Correct Comics

General Humor
➡️ Bad Lip Reading
↔️ Chaotic Drunk Videos
↔️ Chaotic Nightclub Photos
↔️ China Daily Show
➡️ Christian Memes and Puns
➡️ Clown World
➡️ Delusional Takes
➡️ End Wokeness
↔️ Figen
↔️ Funnyman
↔️ Instant Karma
↔️ internet hall of fame
↔️ Karens Gone Wild
➡️ The Babylon Bee
➡️ U.S. Ministry of Truth
↔️ White Men Are Stupid In Commercials
↔️ Worst Deleted Tweets

Funny Personalities, Comedians, etc.
➡️ Alex Stein #99
➡️ June Slater (UK Commentator)
➡️ Roseanne Barr
➡️ Tim Young

↔️ cats being weird little guys
↔️ Cats With Jobs
↔️ out of context dogs

Facebook & Reddit

Is there anything funny and viewable by the general public (groups or pages?) behind the walls of these social media algorithmically controlled “Walled Gardens?” 🤔

↔️ Fluff Busting (FB) Purity (Browser Extension)

↔️ r/funny
↔️ r/jokes
↔️ r/memes
⬅️ r/PoliticalHumor