Sunday, August 22, 2010

Michigan: Where Ernest Hemingway came of age

David Shribman has written a wonderful article for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Northern Michigan – where Ernest Hemingway came of age and where he learned to love fishing, hiking and camping. Shribman pointed out that:
And so it was with Hemingway and this place. You may think that his place was Cuba, or Key West, or Paris or Spain, or Idaho -- for in truth so many places are associated with Hemingway, and he with them -- but it was here, on the tip of the mitt of Michigan, that he became the Hemingway we know, here that he was Ernest and not yet Papa.
Moreover, Shribman wrote that:
If you believe that Nick Adams was Hemingway's alter ego, then in the Nick Adams stories you learn a lot about Hemingway, a lot about Michigan and a lot about what Hemingway learned about life from Michigan.
To learn more about Ernest Hemingway in Michigan, be sure to check out the new "Picturing Hemingway's Michigan" by Michael R. Federspiel, a Central Michigan University historian who is also the president of the Michigan Hemingway Society.

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