Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Finca Vigia Foundation brings better relations with Cuba through Hemingway

Since 2002, the Finca Vigia Foundation has worked with the Cuban government to preserve Ernest Hemingway’s literary legacy in Cuba. In fact and in this June 25, 2009 Boston Globe article by Jenny Phillips and Bob Vila, the co-chairs of the Boston-based Finca Vigia Foundation, it was noted that:
Hemingway’s memory has done what no political leader on either side of the Florida Straits was able to achieve: It has created a joint working group of Cubans and Americans sanctioned by both governments to preserve Hemingway’s home, a timeless, literary shrine on the outskirts of Havana. The focus is purely cultural and collaborative, and carefully sidesteps any political landmines.This work has not been easy. The Bush administration, which placed the most restrictive policies ever on the American embargo, nearly shut the project down. The Cubans, who have kept the Hemingway home as a museum, had to overcome their long-held fears of North American exploitation.
The entire Boston Globe article can be read here.