Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ernest Hemingway’s legacy helps to heal 50 years divisions between the USA and Cuba

In this January 31, 2009, article for the Scotsman, it was noted how the Ernest Hemingway legacy has helped to heal 50 years of divisions between the USA and Cuba when copies
of a mostly unseen archive of Hemingway's years in Cuba, including thousands of letters, notes and other documents, were sent from Finca Vigia in Cuba to the John F. Kennedy Library in Massachusetts. It was noted that:
The papers were long hidden away in the basement of Hemingway's estate at Finca Vigia, Cuba." It's a wonderful treasure trove and it's wonderful it will be available," said Professor Sandra Spanier, editor of the Hemingway Letters Project at Pennsylvania State University." There has never really been a biographer who had access to the materials of Hemingway's life in Cuba.
"That was a third of his life, a half of his writing life, and this is tremendously important." The materials include corrected proofs of The Old Man and the Sea, a film script based on the novel and correspondence from fellow authors Sinclair Lewis and John Dos Passos."
There are letters among these documents that have been in Cuba since 1961," Prof Spanier added. "It is tremendously intriguing and exciting."
The entire Scotsman article can be read here.

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