Sunday, October 8, 2006

Preserving Ernest Hemingway's books and papers at Finca Vigia, his Cuban home

In this October 8, 2006 Boston Globe article, it was noted how the US State Department granted Rosalba Diaz, the curator of the Hemingway Museum in Cuba, a rare visa for her studies at the Northeast Document Conservation Center in order to help her preserve Ernest Hemingway’s books and papers at Finca Vigia:
In the quiet Andover offices, Diaz observed advanced techniques on how to repair damaged pages and restore papers and book covers. She watched how others have repaired torn pages and saw how the center protected aging documents.
“We're working on preserving all the materials we have at the museum," Diaz said in Spanish. “We have books, we have maps, photos, and documents with his writings that need to be protected."
The techniques she is picking up are important, said Diaz. Hemingway's former home is filled with 9,000 books with notes written in the margins, thousands of letters exchanged with famous people of the time, and original rough drafts of some of his well-known works, she said.
The entire Boston Globe article and accompanied audio slideshow can be read here.